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Students new to QSAS

You are eligible to begin your registration with QSAS via our online portal if you answer YES to the following:

  1. You know your Queen's NetID and password
  2. You are requesting an appointment with QSAS for the first time
  3. Your disability documentation meets our Documentation Requirements

If you answered YES to all of the above statements, begin your registration with QSAS via our online portal using these steps:

1. Gather Documentation

Review our Disability Documentation Requirements. Select the disability category that best suits your disability,  determine what documentation you need, and which health care provider should complete it.  If necessary, download the appropriate Disability Verification Form and have your health care provider complete it for you.

Students are encouraged to submit any supporting documentation (e.g., IEP) that may help describe them or their disability. However, this documentation on its own is not sufficient to secure academic accommodations at Queen's.

If you are unsure which disability category best fits your situation, are still being assessed by your health care provider, or would rather no declare your disability category, please contact our Intake Coordinator at for support.

2. Upload Documentation

Have your Queen's NetID and password ready.

Upload your documentation using our secure online intake portal here.

If experience any technical difficulties while uploading your documentation, please contact our Data Administrator

3. Next Steps

QSAS will review your documentation for completion - all pages are included, it is legible and correctly dated, includes the health provider's office stamp and/or signature. 

We will also ensure it meets our documentation requirements  - is current, has been completed by the appropriate health care provider, includes the appropriate assessments, etc.

Next Steps:

  1. Documentation is Sufficient: QSAS will email you with instructions about booking an appointment with a QSAS Accessibility Advisor.
  2. More Information is Needed: QSAS will inform you by email what information is needed before we can proceed with your registration.

NOTE: QSAS communicates with students only through their Queen's email. Please monitor your Queen's email account regularly for correspondence from our office.

Contact the Intake Coordinator at or 613-533-2506 if you need any support with our registration process or have questions about our documentation requirements.

4. Advising Appointment

If you have been instructed to book an advising appointment, call Student Wellness reception at 613-533-2506. Please book this appointment as soon as possible. Students whose studies commence in the Fall are strongly encouraged to book their advising appointment in the summer.

If you are unable to call for reasons of your disability, email QSAS at Reception staff will do their best to book an appointment for you by email.



Answering NO to any one of the above questions means only that you are not eligible at this time to begin your registration with QSAS using our secure online intake portal.

In this case, contact the Intake Coordinator at or 613-533-2506 for advice and support.


If at any time you have questions regarding our registration process or our documentation requirements, please contact our Intake Coordinator at 613-533-2506 or