Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Educator Rights and Responsibilities 

Faculty and Staff teaching students with disabilities at Queen's University have the right to:

  • determine course content and general methods of teaching
  • ensure that the standards of the course are not lowered or compromised
  • ensure that a student has demonstrated mastery of the essential requirements of a course in order to obtain an appropriate grade
  • make informed decisions about how best to adapt teaching and assessment methods to accommodate all students
  • fail any student if he or she does not demonstrate mastery of essential course requirements
  • question and discuss a specific accommodation
  • determine, in consultation with Queen's Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) staff or other accessibility professionals, the most appropriate way to adapt a course to the needs of a particular student or all students
  • be treated with respect by all students in the course

Faculty and Staff teaching students with disabilities at Queen's University have a responsibility to:

  • recognize the requirement to support the academic accommodation process
  • make themselves aware of the university's Disability Accommodation Statement and include it in all course syllabi
  • inform themselves of Queen's services for supporting students with disabilities and refer students as the need arises
  • as requested and required, actively engage in the academic accommodation planning process with students with disabilities and QSAS by defining the essential academic requirements and standards to be considered when developing an academic accommodation plan, and considering a range of possible approaches and reasonable solutions to uphold essential academic requirements and standards
  • understand that their role is to help implement academic accommodations outlined by QSAS, and not to obtain information students about their specific disabilities

Students are not required to disclose private medical information (including their disability or health diagnosis) to, or seek accommodation directly from, their professors, instructors, teaching assistants, etc.