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Exam Deferrals

Some students register with QSAS for health conditions and disabilities that are episodic in nature.  The very reason for their registration is to receive support and accommodation due to the unpredictable nature of their condition.  When a student’s health condition worsens or flares up significantly, they may need support in the form of an exam deferral.

QSAS does not include "Exam Deferral" as an accommodation on the Letter of Accommodation.  The episodic, unpredictable nature of some health conditions makes the need for exam deferrals difficult to predict in advance.  Some students with the most serious of health conditions may never need to defer an exam.  Furthermore, deferring an exam is a significant academic event and each request needs to be given careful consideration by the instructor with support from QSAS. 

Copying the QSAS advisor on an email to the instructor is a way of indicating QSAS support for this exam deferral process.

Students who absolutely cannot write an exam due to significant symptoms stemming from a disability for which they are registered with QSAS need NOT apply for extenuating circumstance consideration.  

Students should email their instructor, with copies to the QSAS advisor and the Exams Office (if applicable).  They should include a copy of their Letter of Accommodation confirming they are currently registered with QSAS.  Students who need help writing this email should contact their QSAS advisor or the QSAS Intake Coordinator.  

QSAS reviews, tracks, and files each exam deferral request received from registered students.  QSAS advisors will contact the student and the instructor ONLY if documentation on file does NOT sufficiently and reasonably support the exam deferral request.  

Instructors are expected to give exam deferral requests positive consideration.  Considering the academic requirements and implications of an exam deferral, instructors may offer alternatives to an exam deferral.  Students are encouraged to connect directly with their instructor to discuss the academic implications associated with an exam deferral.  

In granting deferral requests, instructors (or their designate) assume responsibility for scheduling the make-up exam.  Students are expected to write the deferred exam on dates and times set by the instructor or the academic department. The instructor is also responsible for arranging the student's exam accommodations for any deferred exams.  

Students are required to give 24 hours' notice when cancelling exam accommodations scheduled through the Exams Office.  Students cancelling exam accommodations without sufficient notice are charged a $50 late cancellation fee.  Students who need to cancel their exam arrangements when requesting an exam deferral should email the Exams Office at

QSAS students who need to defer their exam for reasons other than the disability for which they are registered should use the Extenuating Circumstances process.