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Notifying your Instructors

Once you have approved your accommodations and selected the courses to which they will apply, you must click "Get Letter".  A PDF copy of your Letter of Accommodation will automatically open, which you will need to save to your files.  For more information, please view this sample Letter of Accommodation (PDF, 77KB)

Students are responsible for conveying a copy of their Letter of Accommodation to each academic department or faculty in which they are enrolled in courses. Please consult the table below for point persons in faculty/academic departments to contact with your Letter of Accommodation. If you are not comfortable taking the Letters of Accommodation to your instructors or faculty, please speak with your Faculty Office or your Accessibility Advisor to arrange for someone to deliver the Letters of Accommodation on your behalf.




Email Address

Arts & Science

Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus

Arts & Science  Online Course

Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus


Bader International Study Centre(BISC)


Student and Enrollment Services

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus AND Katie Flindall (


Course Instructor, with copy to Angie Loyst, Administration Manager


Alan Wilkinson

Assistant to the Associate Dean


Catherine Gurnsey

Academic Accommodation Coordinator


Helen Connop

Manager, Education & Equity Services

Master of Industrial Relations Anne-Marie Bergman Program Administrator


Richard Van Wylick




Renee Fitzpatrick

Director, Student Progress, Promotion and Remediation



Director, Student Affairs

Academic Accommodations Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus

Nursing – Practicum Accommodations

Cheryl Pulling Associate Director (Undergraduate Nursing Programs)

Occupational Therapy


Academic Accommodations

Rosemary Lysaght

Associate Director (OT Program)


Policy Studies

Fiona Froats

MPA/PMP{A Program Administrator

Practicum Accommodations

Susanne Murphy

Placement Coordinator

Physical Therapy


Academic Accommodations

Lucie Pelland

Associate Director (PT Program)


Practicum Accommodations

Randy Booth


Melanie Law

Placement Coordinators

Students who have any difficulties relaying their accommodation plan to faculties or academic departments are encouraged to contact their Accessibility Services advisor for assistance.