Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Rights and Responsibilities

Students with Disabilities at Queen's University have a right to:

  • equal access and equal opportunity to participate in the academic experience
  • be treated with dignity and respect regarding their disability, accommodation and/or access needs
  • appropriate, individualized accommodation 
  • protection and security of their personal, health, disability and other confidential information
  • timely service provision, consistent with notice provided by the student
  • prompt, equitable investigation and resolution of complaints

Students with Disabilities have a responsibility to:

  • notify the university, through QSAS, with appropriate medical or other documentation of their need for academic accommodation due to functional limitations arising from a permanent or temporary disability/health condition
  • provide this notification as early as possible, respecting any administrative deadlines (e.g, term-specific deadlines to register for accommodated exams)
  • provide documentation from a regulated health care professional verifying the presence of a disability or health condition and describing the associated functional limitations; or provide documentation from a regulated health care professional verifying that he or she is being assessed for a disability or health condition, that symptoms are being monitored and that he or she is experiencing functional limitations as a result 
  • notify QSAS immediately of changes in functional limitations 
  • collaborate with QSAS staff, instructors or graduate supervisors, Faculty/School office staff, SGS or others, as necessary, to develop, implement and update their academic accommodation plan 
  • collaborate with QSAS staff in communicating their accommodation plan to their instructors, graduate research supervisors, faculty administration, the Exams Office and others as appropriate and where classroom learning/evaluation accommodations are needed, with as much advance notice as possible
  • notify QSAS immediately of difficulties in the implementation of any aspect of their academic accommodation plan