New Students to QSAS

The Queen’s Student Accessibility Services Intake Guide outlines the necessary steps to register as a new student with QSAS.

Registration with QSAS begins on June 20. Register early to ensure your accommodations are ready for your first day of Fall classes. Waiting until the start of the Fall term to register with QSAS may delay your accommodations until late into your first 12-week term.

Registering with QSAS

Students experiencing barriers related to a disability or impairment, whether currently documented or awaiting documentation, may receive either permanent or interim accommodations.  Before starting the registration process, students are strongly encouraged to read the QSAS statement of confidentiality to review how we collect, use and store information in our service delivery to you.

How to Register

  • Login to the Ventus Student Portal using your Queen’s NetID and password.
  • Complete the QSAS intake form when prompted.
  • Submit documentation that meets QSAS documentation criteria.
    • If you do not have documentation that meets our criteria at the time of registration, please upload the documentation you have currently have which indicates the need for accommodations.
  • You will receive an email from the Intake Coordinator team.  It will provide you with the name of your QSAS Accessibility Advisor as well as a link to self-book your intake appointment.
  • Using the provided link, book your intake appointment as soon as possible. Your accommodations will be discussed during this appointment with your QSAS Accessibility Advisor.

If you experience technical difficulties, please email us directly.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Equal access and equal opportunity to participate in the academic experience
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Appropriate, individualized accommodation
  • Protection and security of their confidential information
  • Timely service provision, consistent with notice provided by the student
  • Prompt, equitable investigation and resolution of concerns

  • Collaborate with QSAS staff, instructors or graduate supervisors, Faculty/School office staff, SGS or others, as necessary, to develop, implement and update academic accommodation plans
  • Notify the university, through QSAS, of the requirement for academic accommodation
  • Provide this notification as early as possible, respecting any administrative deadlines (e.g., term-specific deadlines to register for accommodated exams)
  • Provide documentation within the time frame that it is required
  • Notify QSAS immediately of changes in diagnosis or program of study (in those cases where the student would like these changes to be reflected in their accommodations)
  • Apply accommodations to classes and/or assessments as required using Ventus
    • If a student has not completed this step, QSAS cannot provide accommodations after the fact for any course deliverable (i.e., test, exam, assignment) that has already passed and which accommodations were not provided.
  • Notify instructors in advance of deadlines with any intent to use an accommodation that would provide extra time, whether on assignments or on tests/exams.

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