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Note Taking

Note taking as an accommodation is available ONLY to students who have documented disabilities and are registered with QSAS. Note taking is approved for students with disability-related functional limitations that makes it difficult for them to access academic information presented in class.  

There is a wide range of reasons why students may require note taking as an accommodation, including students with:

  • hearing loss, who may have difficulties hearing the instructor while writing notes at the same time
  • vision loss, who may have difficulties seeing information presented on overhead screens
  • mental health conditions or attention-related disabilities, who may have difficulties sustaining attention or attending to orally-presented information while taking notes
  • learning disabilities, who may have difficulties recording notes when information is presented orally 
  • physical disabilities, who may have motor or pain related difficulties

Accessibility advisors consider a student's description of their need for note taking along with information contained in their disability documentation and the type of course in approving note taking as a formal accommodation.

Online Note Taking Portal

QSAS coordinates the exchange of notes taken by student volunteer note takers and students registered with QSAS via our secure online note taking portal.   This exchange is strictly confidential in that students requiring note taking accommodation are NOT identified to course instructors or student volunteer note takers.   

The pages in this section provides information for students with disabilities, volunteer note takers and instructors on requesting note takers, signing up to be a volunteer note taker and assisting QSAS with recruiting volunteer note takers.  


We have information for new or returning volunteer note takers that will help you throughout your volunteer experience.

If you are a student seeking note taking accommodations please read the starting your accommodation information.