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Submitting Notes

All notes are to be submitted through our online Note Taking portal . Information of both the volunteer and recipient is kept strictly confidential and identifying information is kept separate from both students. Follow the note submission guidelines to ensure that you are able to provide the best notes possible, and maintain your personal confidentiality.

Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines are used when you are submitting notes to the Note Taking portal. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your personal security as well as ensuring the notes are accessible to our students:

  1. Make sure the date on the notes matches the date of the class
  2. Label the notes with the proper course code.  E.g., HIST_123
  3. Ensure any personal identifying information is redacted or removed from the notes
  4. If necessary, convert the notes to preferred formats:  .pdf or .docx
  5. Submit immediately after the class (ideally within 24 hours)