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Students Requiring Note Taking as an Accommodation

Note taking as an accommodation is available ONLY to students with disabilities who are registered with QSAS.  Please visit "How to Register - New Students" for more information about registering with QSAS for the first time.  

Note taking is approved an accommodation only when it is clear that the student experiences difficulties with taking notes in class due to their disability or health condition.  

Follow the steps outlined below to ensure smooth access to notes:

STEP 1: I am a student with a disability and need note taking as an accommodation 
If you require note taking as an accommodation, please visit our online registration page.  
For students registering for the first time with QSAS, the registration process includes a confidential meeting with an accessibility services advisor who will discuss with you your needs and design an accommodation plan.  
STEP 2: I need to select courses for which I need a volunteer note taker 

Once you have note taking approved as part of your accommodation plan, you need to visit the Note Taking Online Portal and select the courses for which you require note taking.  Please view the steps outlined for Creating a Note Taking request for a course.  

Please Note:  QSAS relies on student volunteers to serve as note takers and we are not always able to recruit note takers for every course.  Should you experience any delay in obtaining your notes, please contact the Note Taking Coordinator or your advisor as soon as possible. 

STEP 3: I need to select a note taker 

If you have received an email from the Note Taker Program Coordinator informing you a volunteer note taker has been recruited, please select a Note Taker to begin downloading notes. Be sure to review the sample notes (if available) to select the Note Taker that you prefer.

Please Note:  QSAS does not guarantee the quality or consistency of any notes prepared and uploaded by our volunteer note takers.   If you encounter any difficulty with your notes, please contact the Note Taking Program Coordinator as soon as possible, who will be happy to assist you.  

STEP 4: I need to download notes
Once you have done everything to this point, you simply need to download your notes available to you. Notes will be within each subject on the Note Taking portal. You will be presented with a list of notes organized by date of the class. Click on the item you wish to download and save it to your hard drive. You may download as often as you wish and the notes will remain available for the term.