Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

QSAS can answer general questions about the types of accommodations and supports available to students such as Read & Write and Student Academic Success Services (SASS). However, QSAS cannot review documentation or guarantee any particular accommodation to individual students until the student engages with the QSAS intake process. As a first step, students are encouraged to understand QSAS Documentation Criteria. To submit documentation through the secure online portal, students will require a netID and password, which is provided to students once they are registered for academic courses.

QSAS accounts for a student’s IEP in the accommodation process. However, accommodations approved at Queen’s are informed primarily by the functional impacts a student may experience in relation to their university courses. This information is obtained from a review of either medical documentation, student first-person experience, or both. Considering academic requirements and standards, QSAS grants accommodations that remove barriers and permits equitable access to learning.

QSAS will certainly take this information into account when developing your Letter of Accommodation. However, provided accommodations are based on a review of the medical documentation provided from your health care provider as well as your first-person experience, and this information is then framed by the structure of your academics at University.

The information provided by your healthcare professional may not take into account the structure of your academics at University and as such some of the recommendations may not be applicable as accommodations.

Visit the Queen’s Residence website for information about accommodations for a disability while living in Residence.

Visit the Accessibility Hub for helpful information about accessibility for people with disabilities at Queen’s.

If you have additional questions, please email