Prospective Students

Students with disabilities who may be applying, have applied, or have not yet accepted their offer of admission often have questions about what supports and accommodations are available to them at Queen’s. 

Once students accept their Queen’s admission offer and have been issued a Queen’s NetID, they can register as a new student with QSAS.  Professional advisors review a student’s disability documentation and speak with them directly to understand how they experience their disability at school. This information is used to design an accommodation and support plan that accounts for the standards and requirements students are expected to meet in their course or program. 

We have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions, if you have addition questions, please email QSAS.

Before I accept my offer of admission, can QSAS review my disability documentation and tell me what accommodations I will get? 

QSAS staff can answer general questions about the types of disabilities and access needs we support. We can also explain our documentation requirements, the accommodation planning process, and the wide-range of accommodations available in creating accommodation plans.

QSAS cannot accept or review disability documentation for students not yet admitted to Queen’s or who have not yet accepted their offer of admission. We also cannot guarantee any particular accommodations to individual students before they have confirmed their enrolment with Queen’s University. Students are encouraged to visit Disability Documentation Requirements for more information.

I have an IEP at my high school. Will I get the same accommodations at Queen’s that I received in high school? 

QSAS accounts for a student’s IEP in the accommodation process. However, accommodations approved at Queen’s are informed primarily by the functional limitations a student experiences due to their disability. This information is obtained from current disability documentation and the student’s description of how they experience their disability at school. Considering academic requirements and standards, QSAS grants accommodations that sufficiently remove barriers to a student’s equitable access to the learning environment.

My health care provider has recommended specific accommodations for me in my disability documentation. Will Queen’s approve the accommodations recommended by my health care provider? 

QSAS conducts its own assessment of a student’s access needs due to their disability in a competitive university environment. This assessment draws on various information, including disability documentation, as provided by a health care provider, the student’s description of how they experience their disability at school, and the academic standards and requirements associated with the student’s course or program.  

Following its assessment, QSAS reserves the right to grant, on behalf of Queen’s, the accommodations it believes are needed to achieve a student’s equitable and dignified access to the learning environment.

I have access needs related to living in Residence at Queen’s. Who can I speak with about this?

Visit the Queen’s Residence website for information about accommodations for a disability while living in Residence. 

Where can I learn more about general accessibility at Queen’s?

Visit the Accessibility Hub for helpful information about accessibility for people with disabilities at Queen’s.