Returning Students to QSAS

Students are responsible for reviewing their accommodations and assigning them to the appropriate courses at the start of each semester.

If a student does not assign their LoA to the appropriate courses, the accommodations outlined on the LoA will not be available to the student:

  • In these situations, retroactively providing missed accommodations will not be possible
  • If these steps are missed, QSAS will not be able to advocate on the students behalf for missed accommodations

Accommodation Types

Depending on the documentation provided, students will either receive permanent or interim accommodations.

Review Accommodations and Assign Accommodations to Courses

Students with interim accommodations that have expired or about to expire, and who would like to re-access those accommodations, must submit documentation that meets QSAS Documentation Criteria through our secure Ventus Student Portal using their Queen’s NetID and password.

Students are encouraged to review the QSAS Statement of Confidentiality before uploading QSAS documentation.

Experiencing technical difficulties? Please contact us directly

It is the student’s responsibility to communicate their accommodations to their instructor/faculty contact person by sharing their Letter of Accommodation (LoA) at the beginning of each term. If a student does not complete this step, QSAS cannot retroactively provide accommodations for any class deliverable in which accommodations were not provided.

  • To apply your accommodations to classes and assessments, please follow the instructions on the Ventus Student Portal.
  • To share your accomodations with your instructors, please follow the instructions on the Notify Instructors page.

Student Rights and Responsibilities 

  • Equal access and equal opportunity to participate in the academic experience
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Appropriate, individualized accommodation
  • Protection and security of their confidential information
  • Timely service provision, consistent with notice provided by the student
  • Prompt, equitable investigation and resolution of complaints

  • Notify the university, through QSAS, of any changes to medical diagnosis or changes to program of study that may require a review of your Letter of Accommodation.
  • Provide this notification as early as possible, respecting any administrative deadlines (e.g., semester-specific deadlines to register for accommodated exams)
  • If receiving Interim Accommodations, and you wish for the accommodations to continue, provide QSAS with documentation meeting the QSAS documentation criteria
  • Collaborate with QSAS staff, instructors or graduate supervisors, Faculty/School office staff, SGS or others, as necessary, to develop, implement and update your academic accommodation plan
  • Communicate your accommodation plan to your instructors, graduate research supervisors, faculty administration, the Exams Office and others as appropriate and where classroom learning/evaluation accommodations are needed, with as much advance notice as possible
    • QSAS cannot retroactively provide accommodations to any in class deliverable (i.e., test, exam, assignment) if this step is not completed
  • Notify QSAS immediately of difficulties in the implementation of any aspect of your academic accommodation plan
  • Notify instructors in advance of deadlines with any intent to use an accommodation that would provide extra time, whether on assignments or on tests/exams

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