Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Start-UP Transitions

Start-UP Services

Individual appointments

Schedule one-on-one time to discuss any concerns you may have about…

  • your courses
  • program selection
  • managing your disability
  • managing your course load
  • accessing other campus resources
  • specific learning strategies
Small group sessions

Small group sessions will be offered (max. 5 per group) to discuss specific topics such as …

  • note-taking and note-making
  • exam prep – study smarter, not harder
  • time management
  • essay writing
  • self advocacy – effective communication
  • learning strategies

Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 is open for anyone to drop in to …

  • chat about how things are going
  • work on a specific assignment with the Learning Strategist (LS)
  • network or work with other students
  • get some last-minute help before a test
  • find out more about your adaptive software
  • find and form study groups
Off the Clock

Every third Wednesday of the month from 1:30 to 3:30, drop-in for a hot / cold drink, some nibbles and relax – take a break from studying …

  • play board games, cards, dominoes…
  • chat and hang out
  • do nothing at all!

Check the QSAS webpage for the venue. University is not just about work. Sometimes you need to get off the clock and connect with other students – this is where you make friendships that last a lifetime.

Q: What do Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Stevie Wonder, Dan Ackroyd, and David Beckham all have in common?

A: They all learned to use their gifts, will you learn to use yours?