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Student Wellness Services

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What We Do

Student Counselling Services includes male and female staff from a variety of backgrounds, such as clinical psychology, counselling psychology and social work. All are trained at the master or doctoral level and are registered with their professional organizations.

While all the staff work from a model of brief counselling, they may approach a problem from somewhat different perspectives. Since the working relationship with the Counsellor is so important, students are welcome to change to a different Counsellor if they believe that their current Counsellor's approach is not a good fit with them.

Some aspects of brief therapy which you may want to clarify with your counsellor include:

  • A focus of "getting you back on track" vs. indepth exploration and analysis of the issue
  • Facilitation of independent action
  • Identification and utilization of strengths and resources
  • Small changes can lead to big changes

Some needs/issues would be better addressed through longer term services due to their complexity and history. In this case we will try to help you to connect to community resources.

While counselling is meant to be a helpful experience, this cannot be guaranteed - either with regard to the process involved or the eventual outcome. It is not uncommon for clients to experience an increase in symptoms or emotional discomfort prior to any potential improvement or to realize there are other issues to be addressed.

However, depending on the nature of the difficulties addressed, the potential benefits of counselling include:

  • Facilitating coping and wellness;
  • changes in problematic behaviour;
  • the removal or reduction of symptoms;
  • improvements in self-esteem and overall mood;
  • problem resolution;
  • improvements in one's ability to perform academically; and
  • positive change in personal relationships.