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Confidentiality Statement

To simplify communication, users of any of the services provided in this department are referred to as "clients" in this document.

Professional services in the Department of Counselling Services are provided in a private and confidential setting. We will communicate Personal Health Information to no one outside the department without the informed written consent of the client. All employees, trainees and volunteers at Counselling Services must abide by this principle. Information regarding clients who attend Counselling Services must not be disclosed in any fashion (including casual conversation) outside the department without the client's written consent. Within the department, discussion of client information in a manner that may reveal a client's identity must take place only on a "need to communicate" basis.


Because of legal and professional requirements, the privacy policy does not apply in the following circumstances.

  1. If a professional member of staff has a reasonable suspicion that a child (presently under the age of sixteen) has been or is being physically, sexually or emotionally abused or neglected.
  2. If a client presents as a serious danger of violence to others or is likely to harm himself or herself unless protective measures are taken.
  3. If a client reveals that he or she has been sexually abused by a healthcare provider who is practising under the scope of the Regulated Health Professions Act. This report may result in the disclosure of confidential information.
  4. Emergency situations such as medical crises.
  5. As otherwise mandated by law (for example, reporting requirements pertaining to certain communicable diseases and auditing activities as required by professional licensing bodies or health insurance providers).