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Training at Counselling Services

The Counseling Service is uniquely suited to meeting trainees’ needs to acquire both the traditional interventions aimed at remediation and also those focused on development and prevention. Education and supervision of trainees/students are highly valued by counseling center staff members. There is a strong commitment to offering experiences that promote expansion and consolidation of competencies, as well as integration of personal and professional development.

The Counselling Service provides comprehensive training in university/college mental health which includes experience with intake assessment, crisis intervention, suicide risk assessment and management, brief individual counselling for a range of presenting problems (including assisting people in accomplishing developmental tasks and adjusting to the university environment), wellness workshops, and consultation, while working with a diverse student population. Trainees work as a part of a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, counsellors, and social workers. The atmosphere is very supportive and collaborative.

Training and work experience in this service provides opportunities to:

  • Develop effective, culturally competent counseling skills for use in a wide range of presenting problems
  • Develop and refine therapeutic and diagnostic skills
  • Acquire consultation experience
  • Develop outreach and programming skills

Training is based on a scientist-practitioner model based on theory and research in clinical psychology. The overall goal of the training is to provide trainees with developmental clinical training, building upon their existing knowledge and skills. Supervision is provided in the form of mentoring and exploration of issues and skills, through weekly supervision sessions and guidance as needed. There are also weekly team meetings which foster clinical knowledge and skills. We aim to create a supportive atmosphere where trainees feel comfortable to develop their clinical skills and engage in activities which will foster and stimulate their development as skilled professionals. At the end of the placement, trainees participate in evaluations as required by their educational institutions, and make a case presentation to Counselling Service staff.


  1. To develop clinical skills and knowledge for the practice of clinical psychology and counselling, focusing on developing assessment and intervention skills within a brief counselling model.
  2. To demonstrate knowledge and competence in ethical and legal issues governing clinical practice.
  3. To develop skills to effectively respond to crisis situations.
  4. To work effectively with a diverse client population by addressing attitudes and assumptions relating to diversity, providing culturally competent assessment and counselling, and by seeking consultation to enhance cultural competencies.