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Here are some tips and information to help you get started with Queen's Health Services!

Bring all of your medications or a list of your medications with you to your first appointment at Health Services.

Bring copies of any health information that you or your home physician think would be important for us to have as well as your immunization record.

Bring a three month supply of your medications with you to school if possible. This will give you plenty of time to connect with a family physician at Queen's Health Services and will ensure that you do not run out of medications. Book an appointment early in the school year.

Book an appointment with a family physician at Queen's Health Services to manage any ongoing health issues.

Bring your student card and provincial health card/UHIP card with you to every visit - no photocopies please, the health card must be original!

If you are looking for a referral to a specialist such as a psychiatrist or dermatologist, please book an appointment with one of our family physicians who can arrange for a referral if necessary.

Please come early to your appointment to complete any paperwork and register with one of our receptionists. Leave time after your appointment to get to classes, work or appointments as it is possible that the physician could be running slightly behind schedule and you may have to wait.

If you have severe allergies please connect with Queen's Health Services if you would like to be followed by one of our physicians.

If you currently receive allergy shots and would like to continue these at Queen's Health Services you must connect with our clinic right away as an appointment with one of our family physicians , or possibly an appointment with an allergist in Kingston, will be needed prior to initiation of allergy shots.

Book follow up appointments to review the results of tests you have had done.

Please keep track of your appointments - remember, you are charged for not showing up!

Queen's Health Services offers both booked appointments as well as a walk-in clinic for urgent issues

Still have questions or would like to speak to someone in person about Queen's Health Services and how we can help you?

Please contact our Clinic Manager, Fatima Couto, at 613-533-6000 x 75165