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Patient Privacy at Health Services

Health Services Policy Regarding Sharing of Health and Personal Information


Student Wellness Services (SWS) is a single department with four areas of service (Health Services, Counselling Services, Accessibility Services and Health Promotion).  Students may be using the services of more than one area at a time.  In this instance, Health Services considers the professional staff providing you with service your “Circle of Care” by . The personal and health information that you provide when you come to Health Services will be available to professional staff in other areas of the department who are in your “Circle of Care”. 


The purpose of this policy is to allow effective information-sharing between the professional staff at Health Services who are providing you with services so as to ensure that you receive the best possible care from Health Services.


If you do not wish to have your information available to others in our “Circle of Care”, please speak with our clinic manager to make other arrangements.

Information About Confidentiality

All information disclosed within sessions is confidential and will not be revealed to anyone outside Student Wellness Services without your written permission, except where reporting is required by law or by relevant standards of professional practice:

  1. Where there is suspicion that a child or children (that is, someone who is PRESENTLY under the age of 16) has been or is being neglected or physically, emotionally or sexually abused,
  2. Where the client presents a serious danger of violence to others,
  3. Where the client is likely to harm himself or herself unless protective measures are taken,
  4. If a client reveals that he or she has been sexually abused by a health care provider who is covered by the Regulated Health Professions Act (e.g., a psychologist, a nurse, a physician, etc.), the counsellor is obliged to report the name of the perpetrator to his or her governing body.

If you have concerns about these matters, or this practice, please discuss these with our clinic manager.

Privacy of Your Personal Medical Information

The Physicians, nurses and staff of Queen’s Student Health Services are committed to protecting your privacy.  This brochure (PDF 17 KB) is intended to outline what steps we are taking to protect your privacy, and to tell you of your rights under the Ontario law.

Privacy of your Personal Health Information (PHI) in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The staff of the Queen’s Student Health Service (QSHS) use an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to store your personal information. There are many benefits to doing this.  It improves efficiency, makes records more readable, and increases the security of personal information. Learn more about the Privacy of your Personal Health information in an EMR (PDF 20 KB).