Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Price list for Uninsured Services - Effective 13/07/2015

Billing Questions?

For questions regarding billing, invoicing or charges on your account please contact:
Fatima Couto
Phone: 613-533-6000 x 75165

Please note, we do not accept cash payment, debit and credit card only.


Gardasil 9 per Dose


Tuberculosois (TB) Test


Two Step TB Test



Nursing Appointments

Missed 10 Minute Appointments


Health forms (for academic programs) Including immunization review, excluding bloodwork and vaccinations – Administration not publicly funded 


Longer nursing appointments booked for other reasons

$10 per 10 minutes


Physician Appointments - Uninsured Patients

*** All uninsured appointments with a physician (not missed) will be billed in accordance with the current Ontario Medical Association (OMA) rates.

Minor Assessment


Intermediate assessment


Psychotherapy per ½ hour


Mental Health care per ½ hour


Counselling per ½ hour



Uninsured Treatments/Procedures


All lesions treated non-surgically for cosmetic purposes including warts
** Genital and plantar wart treatment is covered by Provincial Health Insurance Plans and University Health Insurance Plans


Excision of single lesion-cosmetic


Uninsured injections



Preparation of Documents/Forms

Transfer of records

***For transfer of larger files or in situations where a record must be reviewed by a physician or consultant, the listed hourly rate and photocopying fees will apply.

$0.50 per pg.

Chart Summary Family Physician

$200.00 /hr

Chart Summary Psychiatrist


Certificate of Health (including examination)


Driver’s License medical & form


Preparation of miscellaneous medical reports based on hourly rate e.g. medico-legal reports

Family Physician $200.00/hr Psychiatrist $400.00/hr

Pre-employment assessment and certification


Notes for work if deemed appropriate
*Non-medical Appointments with physicians for notes etc. are uninsured by Provincial Health Insurance Plans and University Health Insurance Plans and will be billed at the Ontario Medical Association rates (see rates above)


Third Party Physicals $120.00