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The words sick note written on a piecee fo paperSick Notes

Most of us have, at some point, suffered minor illnesses and felt far too unwell to meet the demands facing us. In the past this would lead to students requesting sick notes. With the implementation of the Academic Considerations for Students with Extenuating Circumstances policy, sick notes are no longer required. If you are too unwell to meet academic obligations please complete a Self Declaration of Brief Absence form. This form is for when you are unwell but expect to be better and back to your academic work within 48-72 hours. Please see instructions on the second page of the form for details regarding your Faculty / School protocols for submission. You do not need to provide any additional documentation related to your brief acute illness. Please do make an appointment or come to the walk-in clinic if you need medical care for the illness you are experiencing.

Verification of Personal Health Condition

If you have a health condition that is creating an extenuating circumstance where you are unable to meet some or all of your academic obligations for longer than a 48-72 hour time frame, you may be asked to provide a Verification of Personal Health Condition to your Faculty Office when you request academic consideration. Please see additional details on the Polices and Procedures page.

Policy for Issuing Verification of Personal Health Condition forms

1. A “Verification of Personal Health Condition” form is only required in situations where an illness or injury results in a significant disruption of academic work and that disruption is anticipated to last more than a few days.

2. Procedure: A Verification of Personal Health Condition form will be completed and signed by the issuing nurse or physician and also signed by the student. The student will then take this form along with a Request for Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances form (completed by student) to their Faculty or School Office.

3. A Verification of Personal Health Condition form will not be issued by Health Services for the following circumstances:

  • An extenuating circumstance that is not a personal health condition. In those cases the Faculty / School Office will provide guidance regarding the type of documentation needed.
  • Past illnesses/medical conditions. If the illness or time of impairment happened in the past, then typically those situation need to be dealt with through a Faculty / School appeal. If you received health care from Student Wellness during that past period time, documentation indicating this contact can be provided.
  • Insufficient knowledge of the student or their health condition.  If you have not been seen at Student Wellness previously for this health condition, then further assessment may be needed prior to a health care provider feeling comfortable completing a Verification of Personal Health Condition form.
  • Academic problems which are related to lifestyle choices (Students who elect to have periods with inadequate sleep, substance misuse (alcohol, caffeine/stimulants or “recreational” drugs), and/or oversubscribing to academic and non-academic activities, may perform poorly academically, but are not eligible for a Verification of Personal Health Condition if documented illness is not a factor.