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Specialist Referrals

Referral Information

  • The average wait time for an appointment with a specialist is 2-5 months
  • Many specialists wait times are 8 months to 1 year
  • It can take several months just to receive your appointment time
  • Most offices triage referrals meaning that the worst cases are seen first

Referral Steps

  • The physician will write a referral stating the specialty and the city where you wish to be seen
  • The Student Health Services referral secretary will find an appropriate specialist and send the referral to the specialist's office
  • The information that is in your electronic medical record is the only way that the specialist's office will be able to reach you. It is important that your address and phone number are correct in your patent record
  • If you have a change of address or phone number after you have been referred but before your appointment time has arrived, please call our referral secretary at 613-533-2508 or email the referral secretary stating that you have a referral and update your contact information
  • Some offices mail appointment notices directly to patients and some offices telephone patients with the appointment notice
  • Some offices inform Student Health of the appointment and the referral secretary then notifies the patient by telephone or email
  • Some specialists have an extremely long wait time in Kingston so your doctor may ask you if you are willing to travel to get a sooner appointment in another city
  • It is usually a good idea to be referred to your hometown
  • If you do choose to have your referral appointment in another city, please remember that you will need to travel back to that city for any follow-up appointments.

For inquiries about referrals please contact:

Christina Misener
Phone: 613-533-2508
Drop in: 69 Union Street in Mitchell Hall
Fax: 613-533-2347