Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Student Health Family Physicians

Dr. Suzanne Billing​
Dr. Carolyn Borins 
Dr. Laura Butler
Dr. Vivian Cheng
Dr. Erica Farnworth
Dr. Anna Klein
Dr. Lauren LaCaprara
Dr. Ryan Lee
Dr. Darren Lett
Dr. Jacob Matusinec
Dr. Mike McDonnell
Dr. Jenny Molson
Dr. Joanne Nicholson
Dr. Linda O'Connor
Dr. Scott Shallow
Dr. Michael Sylvester
Dr. Jody Timpson
Dr. Charlene Winsor

Student Health Psychiatrists

Dr. Steve McNevin – Psychiatrist, Director of the Division of Psychiatry
Dr. Anne Duffy
Dr. Rafael Freire
Dr. Jamey Adirim

Student Health Nurses

Anne Danby
Marianne Evans
Valerie Greenly
Jenna McManus
Bonnie Richmond
Maria Sarris

Student Health Administration

Fatima CoutoClinic Manager
Michelle Berry
Sue Forbes
Emma Goldstein
Nancy Penstone
Logan Reid
Daniel Steinfort
Christina Misener – Psychiatry Secretary and Referral Clerk
Rose Barton – Transfer of Records
Sherry Reedy - Healthcare Assistant
Jomana Wadii - Healthcare Assistant
Greg Watson – IT Services