Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services

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Self-declaration of Brief Absence Form - for brief absences due to unexpected acute illnesses or distressing events. This form should be used if you are unable to complete academic work (for marks) due to an unexpected illness or distressing event, and you anticipate being able to return to academic work within 48-72 hours. Download your form and follow the directions on the second page regarding submission. You do not need additional documentation for these brief absences.

Request for Academic Consideration for Extenuating Circumstances - for extenuating circumstances where you know that you will continue to experience impairments for a longer period of time (up to 3 months). These extenuating circumstances may mean you are able to do some work but not all work. Submit the form to your Faculty / School office. 

Verification of Personal Health Condition - If your extenuating circumstances are a personal health condition, you can have this form completed when you meet with a health care professional and provide it as documentation to your Faculty / School Office.

Verification of Confidential Extenuating Circumstances - If your extenuating circumstances are not a health condition but you are not comfortable disclosing the specifics of the situation, then you can have a support professional at Queen's (chaplain, sexual violence prevention and response co-ordinator, human rights office advisor etc) who is aware of your situation complete this form. 

Request for Excused Absence for Significant Events - If you are participating in an event at the provincial, national, or international level that is either a Queen's Varsity Athletics event or an event to which you were invited as a distinguished guest, you can complete this form.