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Student Wellness Services

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Situations requiring immediate response:

Direct or Indirect Reference to Suicide

Regardless of the circumstances or context, any reference to committing suicide should be taken seriously and a mental health professional should be contacted, for a consultation or for advice. Contact Student Wellness Services (SWS), ext. 78264 and ask to speak to a counsellor.

Indirect references to suicide may include the following:

  • Expressed feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, or helplessness.
  • Expressed thoughts that the world, family, friends would be better off without them
  • Expressions of powerful feelings of guilt

Threats and Disruptive Behaviours

Any threat should be taken seriously. Contact Campus Security & Emergency Services, ext. 36111 for advice about what to do; please also speak to your department head, director or manager.

Physical violence causing bodily harm and specific threats must be reported immediately to Campus Security & Emergency Services, ext 36111.

Disordered Eating or Excessive Exercise

If a student shares (or you observe) concerns regarding excessive exercise or disruptive eating patterns such as excessive dieting, uncontrolled binge eating, and self-induced vomiting after eating, it is important that professional treatment be accessed as soon as possible. Contact Student Wellness Services, ext. 78264, and ask to speak to a counsellor.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse

If a student appears to be inebriated or you suspect drug use, it is important to attempt to refer the student for counselling.

In the case of an apparent drug overdose or severe drug reaction call Campus Security & Emergency Services, ext 36111, and ask them to call an ambulance. Contact Student Wellness Services, ext 32506 or 78264, and ask to speak to a counsellor about what else can be done.