TAO - Therapy Assistance Online

TAO is an online, mobile friendly library of engaging, interactive pathways that promote wellness and can help you bounce back from challenging times.

  • Self-directed pathways are based on scientific research and have been found to be helpful to students who are motivated to maximize the way they think and feel
  • You can complete TAO pathways at your own pace, wherever you are, and when you want
  • TAO can also be incorporated into your mental health appointments
  • Many different pathways are available. If you need help deciding which ones are best for you, the platform offers you a self-assessment tool that can help tailor an intervention designed to meet your needs

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to the TAO Website
  2. Enter your name and your Queen’s University email address on the enrolment form
  3. Create a password
  4. Leave the 'Enrolment Key' field blank. Fill out the demographics and Informed Consent form and click 'Sign Me Up!'
  5. Check your email. You will be sent a confirmation link that you must click before signing in


If you already have an account with TAO, sign in.



TAO Pathways

1) Understand how your thoughts influence your feelings and actions; and 2) catch negative thoughts and reformulate them.

This pathway helps you process and adapt to change and stress by helping you to: 1) accept and embrace your life fully — even its challenges; 2) adapt to unexpected events; 3) learn mindfulness, which allows you to be present and in-the-moment; and 4) clarify and understand your own personal values.

Learn to: 1) build communication skills; 2) recognize unhealthy relationship behaviours; and 3) find ways to manage your anger.

Helps you 1) pay attention to your thoughts; 2) find ways to view situations differently; and 3) learn to use mindfulness.

Guides you to challenge yourself to engage with your life, even when you don't initially feel like it. It can help you feel better and think more positively.

This pathway helps you manage your pain through 1) influencing lifestyle choices; 2) helping you retrain your brain to reduce pain; and 3) increasing your resilience through meditation and stress management.

Helps you assess your level of substance use. If you decide you want to start cutting back or stop using altogether, there is a treatment pathway for that too. Just ask Student Wellness Services to set you up on the TAO program for substance use. A counsellor will happily support you through that program.

TAO Groups

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) and Student Wellness Services (SWS) have selected specific TAO sessions and exercises to help you hit your second-year stride. This module includes key academic and wellness practices; when you register for the TAO 2nd year stride group, you can decide which of the online self-directed sessions and exercises are right for you. Sessions include goal setting, motivation, nutrition, physical exercise & sleep, and dealing with unhelpful thoughts. You can also choose to do 5-minute exercises like meditation for a restful sleep, mindful eating, states of flow, and more.
Registering for the 2nd Year Stride group will automatically load these sessions and exercises in your “My To Do List” on your TAO Dashboard. You’ll earn badges for each session you complete, but it is fully customizable: select the sessions and exercises you want and add additional content you’re interested in at any time.

TAO Mobile App

Download the TAO Mobile app to get quick access to resources that can help you manage stressful situations.  Available on android and apple mobile devices by searching ‘TAO Mobile.’

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