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Style Guide

Queen's University Style Guide

The Queen’s University Style Guide is designed to provide quick reference to important information about the university’s writing guidelines and writing style. It is meant to be a guide for university employees who are involved in disseminating information on behalf of their unit/department and/or the university, to clarify style and best writing practices, and improve consistency.

Queen’s University recommends following the guidelines set out in the Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps and Spelling (CP), as well as the Canadian Oxford Dictionary (Oxford) for spelling.

The Queen’s University Style Guide provides information on style and writing conventions particular to the university and which differ from those guidelines in CP. It lists exceptions, preferences, or Queen’s-specific conventions that are not covered in CP or Oxford.

It should be noted, however, that there are special cases (particularly in promotional advertising and marketing) when editors may need some flexibility in regards to following these rules.

Questions regarding the Queen’s University Style Guide should be directed to University Communications.