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Style Guide


A clear, polished and distinctive style is at the heart of any written communication Queen’s University issues. Whether we are writing for the web or publishing on paper, each time we reach out to our audiences, it is vital that we are readily understood. The university’s style help to bring renewed consistency to everything we write.

At Queen’s we already have a distinctive visual identity. It helps to set us apart from other institutions, communicates our values, and unifies the university’s many moving parts under a single visual umbrella. A consistent written style serves us the same way. It ensures that we address the world with a shared, decisive voice, while conveying a sense of unity, credibility, and authority. It is an important component of the Queen’s brand, and allows us to maintain our status as a high-quality and trusted institution.

The Queen’s University Style Guide will help eliminate the frustration that arises when you find yourself deliberating on whether a word should be capitalized, or whether to use a period after an honorific, and it will ensure we are all on the same page as we continue doing the important work of communicating on behalf of the university.