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Building Certification

Green building certification systems have become a popular way to design, build and maintain sustainable buildings.  These systems provide a prescriptive approach to ensuring that buildings address a wide field of environmental impacts as well as providing the platform for further promotion and awareness regarding building sustainability.

The Canadian Green Building Council, is the association responsible for the delivery of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification program. The School of Kinesiology is LEED® certified. The Goodes Hall West Wing achieved LEED® Canada-NC Gold Certification in 2015. The JDUC project (in progress) is registered but not yet certified.

In addition, Beamish-Munro Hall, also known as the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC) is certified with the British Research Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) which is a LEED® alternative.

The LEED® Point System
A construction project needs to obtain at least 26 points within these five categories in order to be LEED®-certified.
  • Sustainable Sites: Encourage site selection, planning, landscaping and design strategies that use land more effectively and minimize construction and operational impacts (14 points available).
  • Water Efficiency: Encourage strategies that reduce the amount of drinkable water used for landscape irrigation and building operations (5 points available)
  • Energy and Atmosphere: Reduce depletion of non-renewable energy resources, reduce related environmental impacts—particularly emissions of local, regional and global air pollutants and encourage use of renewable energy sources with low environmental impacts (17 points available)
  • Materials and Resources: Encourage design strategies that reduce and reuse material resources and reduce construction waste. Encourage the selection of building materials that are environmentally friendly (14 points available)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Enhance indoor environmental quality through early design integration, sensible construction sequencing, careful construction practices and thoughtful selection of materials (15 points available)
  • An additional category of Innovation and Design Process addresses expertise in green design and construction. The purpose is to recognize projects with innovative building features and sustainable building knowledge not covered in the other categories (5 points available)