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Green Roofsgreen roof located at Goodes Hall

A green roof is a vegetated roofing system that is an extension of a standard roof structure.  Green roofs can be either intensive, with greater soil depth providing for a wide range of larger plantings or extensive, with shallower soil depth suitable for only low-growth vegetation.  At a minimum, a green roof will provide all the typical envelop protection from the elements.  However, a green roof also provides additional benefits in the right conditions.

Typically, a vegetated roof will allow for better rain water management as the living roof will absorb more water than a standard roof and thereby put less pressure on existing storm water runoff systems.  Additionally, green roofs are thought to enhance the insulating properties of a typical roofing system and lessen heat transfer because of the added layers of soil and plant life.  This attribute combined with an ability to reduce heat island effect by slightly cooling the immediate vicinity can lead to energy savings.  Finally, a living roof can be aesthetically pleasing, attract wildlife and become a positive space for building occupants to gather in or admire.

Queen's has green roofs installed on several buildings including, Goodes Hall, Jeffery Hall, the New Medical Building, BioSciences and Botterell Hall