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Furniture Exchange / Reuse Program

ReUseIt is an item exchange network implemented by the Sustainability Office that helps to promote the reuse of surplus items on campus. This application provides a vehicle for the campus community to advertise items they no longer need for others to use with no cost attached.  It could be anything: office supplies, furniture, equipment, etc. Using this site to exchange unwanted items saves money, ensures less waste goes to landfill and supports our campus culture of sustainability. Queen’s also has a Furniture Reuse Centre. This surplus storage area is located within the Queen's Centre.  Campus users interested in visiting the Furniture Reuse Centre can contact the Recycling Coordinator to make arrangements.  

Office Supplies Reuse

room of requirement from "Harry Potter"

The University spends approximately $800,000 to purchase new office supplies each year. The Office Supplies Reuse initiative helps to minimize spending and promote waste reduction and reuse. Unwanted office supplies, such as file folders, binders, scrap paper, clipboards, bookends, sorting trays etc. can be taken to the “Room of Requirement” surplus office supply room in JDUC, room 238. Here, the product lifecycle is extended as anyone requiring office supplies is welcome to take these resources as needed.