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Procurement activities, the purchasing of goods and services, offer a significant opportunity for the university to have a broad impact environmentally, socially and economically.  The adoption of sustainable procurement practices is appealing because a purchased good involves much more than the item itself and can have a considerable effect in key areas of campus operations. There is an entire chain of impact points along the life cycle of the product that includes the raw resources, the production, the packaging, the transportation, potential operating impacts and finally its disposal. Each point represents an opportunity to decrease environmental impact by making more sustainable product and service choices.

Within the context of existing purchasing agreements and suppliers, the Sustainable Procurement Guide seeks to provide suggestions and assistance to help your office with sustainable procurement. The guide has focused on common items that are routinely purchased on campus. Each section highlights purchasing criteria that should be considered for a more sustainable product and identifies recommended products that are currently available through existing Queen’s suppliers.

The guide was developed by a sustainable procurement working group in 2015 and was recently updated in 2020. 

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