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Mixed Material Recycling

Recycling practices at the University are similar to the way you recycle at home.  All buildings are equipped with clearly labeled waste/recycle depots to assist you with sorting recyclable items. 

Recycling containers that are contaminated with garbage are disposed of as waste. Do your part by taking the time to sort your waste and recyclable items into the proper containers.

Not sure if something is recyclable? Check the information provided here, download the Waste Watcher's Guide to Recycling & Waste Disposal or contact the Sustainability Office for any items that aren't listed.


View Sustainability Map for all participating locations. 

Mixed Plastics, Glass & Cans

Mixed Paper


Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and bones #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #7 plastic containers All paper and envelopes Non-compostable coffee cups 
Eggs and dairy Plastic cups Soft cover books, catalogues, journals Plastic utensils
Fruit and vegetables Plastic bottles Newspaper and magazines Candy/Chocolate Bar wrapper
Bread, dough, pasta, grains Glass bottles and jars Cardboard and boxboard Plastic bags
Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags Food and beverage cans Carbonless copies Chip bags
Kitchen paper towels Tetrapaks (Juice and milk cartons) Post-it-notes Paper/Cardboard products stained with oil, paint or chemicals
Compostable Coffee cups, lids & sleeves  Coffee cup lids  Paper with staples, labels, tape, hi-lighter and magic marker Pottery, ceramics, glassware
Compostable plastics (corn based)   File folders Courier envelopes
Pizza delivery boxes   Clean brown lunch bags Paper towels and facial tissue
Paper napkins     Wax coated boxes
Uncoated paper take-out containers & plates     #7 Plastics 
Waxed cardboard and paper     Styrofoam