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office organic material collection bin

Office Organics Program

Campus departments are invited to join the campus organics program which focuses on capturing food waste generated by staff who bring their lunches to work.  In order to adequately control the content and quality of the organic collection, an organics collection container is provided for kitchen or lounge spaces as well as an information sheet that outlines what is accepted into the organics program.  This container will be emptied into an exterior toter that is picked up weekly and transported to a composting facility.  Departments can join the office organics program by filling out a request form.

Dining Room & Retail Food Outlets

The dining rooms and retail food outlets participate in an organics program. The organic material that comes from the dining rooms and retail food outlets is collected in exterior toters and the material is transported by the campus waste hauler to Tomlinson Organics in Joyceville. Tomlinson’s converts the organic material into compost that is used by commercial landscapers and home gardeners to enhance their soil.

Compostable items include: meat, dairy products, produce, coffee grounds, kitchen paper towels, napkins, uncoated paper take-out containers, cups and plates, and pizza boxes.

Student Life Centre Organics  banana peel placed in organics bin

The Sustainability Office and the Alma Mater Society (AMS) partnered to bring organics composting to the student life areas of the John Deutsch University Centre and the Queen’s Centre. Newly purchased waste containers, including green compost bins, match the colour coding of the recycling containers used by the City of Kingston.