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Bike Sharing

Consider bike sharing as a great alternative to commuting, running errands and to get out and enjoy some healthy activity, all the while reducing your carbon footprint.  

A bike sharing program offered by Dropbike will soon be available to the Queen's community. Bike sharing provides flexible access to a bicycle at any time. Users get convenient access to bikes that will be spread throughout campus and the downtown core of Kingston. Membership can be accessed via a smart phone application and riding costs as little as $1/hour.

image of two bright orange Dropbike bicycles

    Queen's Dropbike locations will include:

    • Biosciences Complex
    • Botterell Hall
    • Duncan McArthur Hall
    • Mackintosh-Corry Hall (secure bike parking area)
    • Queen’s Centre
    • Victoria Hall

    Once registered the program is very easy to use; 



    1. Unlock

    Find a Dropbike through your smartphone. Scan the QR code to receive the combination for the lock. You’re set!

    2. Ride

    It’s all yours! We encourage you to wear a helmet, and you must follow all local laws while riding a bicycle.

    3. Park

    Dropbikes can be parked at any haven. Havens are bike posts and bike racks marked in the app.