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Carpoolingcar pooling sign attached to chain-link fence in parking lot

The Queen's Parking office operates a carpooling program that is available to all current permit holders.  The benefits of the program include;

  • Reduced carbon emissions;
  • Sharing vehicle expense costs;
  • Reduced pressure on parking capacities;
  • The ability to use special parking permits for emergencies when they are required to bring their personal vehicle to campus;
  • Reserved parking spot.

To create a carpool, current parkers must be willing to surrender a valid parking permit and convert the remaining valid parking permit to a carpool permit.  A list of persons participating in the carpool must be supplied.  Registered carpool participants may park in any reserved Carpool space, available on campus.  Carpool permits must be prominently displayed. If cars are rotated among the group, it is the carpool members’ responsibility to ensure that the permit is displayed on the vehicle that is driven to campus. Each carpool will be issued three one-day permits per parking year. These one-day permits may be used if your carpool requires more than one vehicle on the lots or on-street parking at one time.  The fee for the Carpool permit would be the current permit rate which would be divided by the carpool members to reduce the cost per person.

For more information or to register for a carpool, please visit the Parking website.