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Cycling is an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and healthy way to commute and/or move about campus.  

Queen's aims to support cycling through continually enhancing the necessary infrastructure that our cycling community relies upon and will look to support initiatives that add quality to the campus cycling experience.

Bikes and Boards

Bike and Boards is a repair shop that focuses on basic repairs for commuter, road, hybrid and mountain bikes as well as skate boards and long boards, while highlighting the social, environmental and economic sustainability of active transportation.  The shop provides access to tools for a small fee, so if you know how to fix it but just don’t have the right wrench, you are covered! Throughout the year there is also a selection of refurbished bikes and new longboards for sale.  Bike parts and accessories such as tubes, locks, lights and bells are also available for purchase.  


  • Brake Adjustment: $5
  • Gear Adjustment: $5
  • Wheel True: $5
  • Brake Decontamination (helps stop squealing brakes): $5
  • Brake Pad Install: $5
  • Tube/tire Install: $5
  • Cable Install: $5
  • Chain Install: $5
  • Full Drive Train Clean: $15 – not currently avail. 
  • General Tune $20
    • adjust shifting and brakes
    • inflate tires
    • wheel true
    • includes brake pad and tube installation 
  • Tricolour Tune $35
    • adjust shifting and brakes
    • inflate tires
    • wheel true
    • includes tube, brake pad, cable and chain installation
    • test ride

**All prices exclude the cost of parts**

The shop can be contacted at

End-Of-Trip Facilities

Cycling to and from campus is quick and convenient, with most buildings being provisioned with bicycle racks at or near their entrance.  The first bicycle racks on campus were installed in the 1960's and now there are more than 260 bicycle racks on campus that accommodate approximately 1,550 bicycles.  In addition, bicycle racks are part of all new building and landscape renovations so our cycling infrastructure is always adapting to meet increased demand.  Currently, the preferred style of bike rack is a hoop-style that can accommodate eight bicycles.

Click here for a map of the bike rack locations on campus.

Parking Regulations

Message from the Manager

The Queen's Parking Regulations for Bicycles are designed to provide the best possible bicycle parking service to the University community. To do so, the Department of Physical Plant Services endeavours to:

  • Ensure that bicycle riders have space to park by providing proper bicycle storage racks.
  • Ensure that parked bicycles do not create a safety hazard or impede pedestrian or motorized traffic on campus by removing and impounding improperly parked bicycles.
  • Maintain bicycle parking racks in good physical condition including the removal of snow as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure that effective personal safety measures are maintained, including lighting and emergency phones.

Comments about our bicycle parking program are most welcome.

Donna Stover
Manager, Parking
Phone: 613-533-6979

Bicycle Parking Areas and Restrictions

Bicycle parking is permitted only in areas designated by stands/racks specifically provided for storing bicycles and/or the presence of signs identifying an area as a bicycle parking area.  See the bicycle rack map for locations.

Bicycles found in violation of these regulations may be removed and impounded by the Parking Office.  Bicycles will be impounded if found parked in the following areas:

  • On or against access ramps including on the outside of access ramp railings.
  • Attached to Emergency (Bluelight) telephone posts.
  • Attached to any tree.
  • Within two metres of a building entrance or exit.
  • On any stairway (inside or outside).
  • On any egress or ingress ramp.
  • On any loading dock.
  • Attached to or beside any handrail or door.
  • Inside buildings.

Not withstanding the above, any bicycle that is parked so as to create a safety hazard, or to impede traffic is subject to impoundment.

Bicycles that are impounded will be tagged and stored in a compound administered by the Parking Office. Impounded bicycles will be released to the owner upon satisfactory proof of ownership (description of bicycle) and payment of impoundment and storage fees.

After 90 days, unclaimed impounded bicycles will be surrendered to Kingston Police for disposal by public auction.

The University is not responsible for any damage or loss to locking devices or bicycles incurred during the removal and impoundment process.

Parking Safety

While on campus with your bicycle, make sure you follow general safety guidelines, including the following:

  • Call Campus Security (533-6111) if you see suspicious persons/activity near any bicycle racks.
  • Always lock your bicycle securely to a proper bicycle rack when on campus.
  • Be aware of the location of the EMERGENCY (bluelight) telephone closest to where you park your bicycle.
  • Do not leave parcels, valuables etc. attached to your parked bicycle.
  • When bringing your bicycle to campus at night, ensure that your bicycle has a functioning headlamp and reflectors, and wear reflective clothing.

For more information see the Parking Office website.