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​Transpass Program

Save time. Save money. Save our planet.

The City of Kingston Transpass Program has arrived at Queen's.  Take advantage of this program to access the local transit system and the new express routes.  There are many benefits to joining the program, including;

  • discounted rate on monthly pass
  • payroll deduction payments
  • unlimited monthly bus rides
  • eligible for 15% federal public transit tax credit
  • a more environmentally-friendly way to commute. 

To enroll in the program you must go to City Hall to complete the enrollment form and payroll authorization form.  The completed form will be forwarded to Queen's University Parking Office to setup the payroll deduction plan.  For more information check out our FAQ or contact Donna Stover

As a result of the March 2014 enrollment blitz, the program has established a baseline of 134 riders - well done Queen's! The base rate for the Transpass Program will therefore start at $53 per month,and is HST exempt.  The rate is subject to fluctuations as ridership change and if we increase to more than 250 users it may be possible to negotiate a further discount.

More Riders,

More Savings

Number of Employees Enrolled in the Transpass Program

Transpass Rate per Month


Adult Monthly Ride Pass Rate



0 to 10 $62.00   $72.00 $10.00 14%
11 to 25 $60.00


$72.00 $12.00 17%
26 to 100 $57.00   $72.00 $15.00 21%
101 to 250 $53.00   $72.00 $19.00 26%