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Green Office Certification

The Sustainable Queen’s wants to help staff and faculty make progress towards reducing the environmental impact of their office or department. In order to accomplish this, the Green Office Certification program has been created. This program consists of a checklist of easy actions that your office can take to ensure it is not creating excess waste or utilizing excess electricity. Some examples of items on the list include setting computers to enter ‘sleep’ mode after inactivity, properly disposing of e-waste, and participating in the Queen’s carpool program.

The interactivity and challenge of the Green Office Certification program is one of its best assets: you’ll be assessed based on your initial completion of the checklist and awarded a level of certification (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum). The status of your office will then be published on the Sustainable Queen's website. As you work towards improving your score by checking off more of the list, you’ll be awarded with higher certifications.

The Green Office Certification program demonstrates how easy it is to significantly improve the environmental impact of individual offices around the campus. As we know, if everyone takes these simple steps then collectively we’ll see a huge result. Check out the checklist, and contact the Sustainable Queen's at or by phone at 613-533-6000 to sign up!

Green Office Certification Checklist (PDF, 242 KB)

Interactive Green Office Certification Checklist (Excel, 93 KB)