Mindful Move-out

Move-out activities tend to generate a significant amount of waste each year. Queen's University and the City of Kingston provide numerous supports and resources to help students have a mindful move-out.


Move-out, sustainably

A sustainable move-out means taking responsibility for donating, trading, recycling, and moving unwanted items. Consider bringing or send home items you no longer regularly need or use to make your move-out experience smoother.   

Remember, donations should be items that other people can use. Please don’t donate garbage. Some items do belong in the garbage, like broken, soiled, or food items that can’t be recycled or composted.  

During move-out season in April, the City of Kingston temporarily increases waste transfer station operating hours and provides additional waste collection support for the University district.

City of Kingston move-out resources for students

Plan Ahead

Moving can be easy with a bit of planning. Knowing what you will need and preparing is half the battle.

Donating or giving away items that you no longer want or need is a great way to lighten your load and help someone else. These quick tips should dramatically reduce the stress of move out day. 

  • If you need a moving truck, book early. You can also purchase moving boxes to help keep your move organized and efficient.

  • Label all boxes and pack based on room (e.g., bedroom, kitchen) so you know what's in each box and what goes where when you arrive at your destination. 

  • Coordinate for friends, family, or housemates to help you to move larger items. 

  • Check the weather for your move-out day to make sure you are prepared.

  • Give your landlord sixty days notice that you are moving out, as per the Residential Tenancies Act

  • Once all items have been removed, perform an inspection of the home. Compare notes and pictures from your pre-move in inspection, and note any changes. Communicate with your landlord to go over those changes. 

  • Thoroughly clean the home before you turn over your keys.

  • Coming back next year and don't want to move all of your belongings? Take a look at one of the many storage facilities throughout Kingston.

The City of Kingston has provided a guide for students to make moving easier and more sustainable. 

 2021 Student Move-out Guide (PDF 87 KB) 


Used textbooks

Consider donating your previously used textbook to Textbooks for Change, or sell your used textbook to the Campus Bookstore

Drop-off locations
Clothing on hangers

Clothing donations

Donating your unused and unwanted clothing is a great way to clear some closet space, make your move easier, and help those in need.  

Recycle your bicycle with Gear Up!

Gear Up! Recycled Used Bicycles is a social enterprise in Kingston, providing youth with life and employment skills while making affordable pre-owned bikes available to the local community.

Contact gearup.kingston@gmail.com to donate your bicycle . 

Learn more about Gear Up!
Students moving

Furniture, electronics, school supplies, household items or food donations

Consider sharing items you no longer need or want to help out someone who will be able to put them to good use. Please note, Queen's University is not affiliated with any of the below organizations. 

Hazardous Waste and Garbage

After selling, donating, or giving away your unwanted items, you may have waste left over. Knowing the best way to responsibly dispose or recycle your waste is a critical step in a sustainable move-out. 

Learn more about Recycling Programs at Queen's