Congratulations on completing the module on assessment of student learning! We hope that you increased your understanding of the importance of assessment in the process of student learning and motivation. We also hope that you learned some practical ideas for assessing your students and know where to look for additional resources on the topic. Below is the summary of key takeaways from this module to keep in mind as your continue to develop your knowledge of the assessment topics.

  • Assessment can change the way students learn in the course
  • Assessments present a learning opportunity
  • Choose learning assessments wisely; they are often where students focus time and attention
  • Use learning outcomes as key criteria in deciding on assessment strategies
  • Blend formative and summative assessments into the classroom
  • Use multiple assessment methods
  • Consider your own and your students’ workload

Tip: If you are interested in learning more about current research and best practices in assessment in higher education, you may wish to consult Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education opens in new window journal.