Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology Lab

Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology Lab

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Paul Grogan
Professor of Plant and Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology
Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in the ecology of arctic ecosystems and their sensitivity to climate change (2003-2013)

E-mail: groganp@queensu.ca
Office: Room 2508. Tel. (613) 533 6152. Fax: (613) 533 6617

Graduate office: Room 2507. Tel. (613) 533 6000 ext.78059
Lab rooms: 2605 (large analytical lab), 2606 (small sample prep room), 3413 (soil prep room). Tel. (613) 533 6000 ext.78101

Mailing address:
Department of Biology,
Biosciences Complex,
116 Barrie Street,
Queen’s University,
Kingston, Ontario,
Canada, K7L 3N6