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Video excerpts of an audiovisual performance and a noise opera with dramatic and minimalist moments

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Art & Media Lab
Art and Media Lab

‘He(a)rsay’- Elvira Hufschmid & Vancouver Electronic Ensemble Franziska Baumann / Claudia Brieske & VocalCargoCollective

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Monday-Friday, 10:00AM-4:00PM ( Closed on weekends)

The exhibition features the German/Suisse performance duo Claudia Brieske, Berlin (audio-video scenographer) and Franzika Baumann, Bern (vocalist and composer) as well as Elvira Hufschmid (multimedia artist) in their different approaches on audio-visual explorations of improvisational and compositional collaboration.

A video documentation shows Brieske’s and Baumann’s audio-visual concert performance as a site-specific noise opera that enacts the theme of ‘murmuring’ with vocal orchestration ‘in-situ.’

VocalCargoCollective: Chloé Bieri, Franziska Bruecker, Valentin Dreifuss, Ilmars Stern

Video documentation: Claudia Brieske and Franziska Baumann

Camera: Mischa Häuselmann, Daniel Repond, Claudia Brieske

Sound: Johannes Schütt, Franziska Baumann

Elvira Hufschmid’s collaboration with the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble displays the subtle interference of a visual practice of sensory drawing and the ensemble’s sound improvisation.

Vancouver Electronic Ensemble:

Adrian Avendano, Drums

Soressa Gardner, Voice and Electronics

Peki Hajdukovic, Electronics

Julian La Brooy, Electronics

Sasha Langford, Electronics

Giorgio Magnanensi, Conduction

Kimia Yadzi, Electronics

Video documentation: Vancouver New Music, Mingtao Kong

Audio documentation: Vancouver New Music, Ira Jordison