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Mon, Feb 3, 20206:30 pm
Doors open
Gordon Vogt Film Screening Room
The Isabel Human Rights Arts Festival


Monday, February 3, 2020 at 6:30 PM

2019 / 108 minutes

Languages: Hebrew, Arabic, English with subtitles

Directors: Philippe Bellaiche, Rachel Leah Jones


A look at the life and work of Jewish-Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel who has

represented political prisoners for nearly 50 years. We meet Lea and the

team as they prepare for their youngest defendant yet—Ahmad, a

13-year-old boy implicated in a knife attack on the streets of Jerusalem.

To many, Lea is a traitor who defends the indefensible. For others, s

he’s more than an attorney—she’s a true ally.


Thank you to Susan Lord and Dorit Naaman for the curation of the films for this festival.