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Toronto Bach Festival

Tue, Jun 30, 20207:00 pm
Digital Concert Hall
  • Christopher Bagan, harpsichord
    Christopher Bagan, harpsichord
  • Julia Wedman, violin
    Julia Wedman, violin
  • Felix Deak, violoncello
    Felix Deak, violoncello
  • John Abberger, oboe
    John Abberger, oboe

The Beauty of Bach



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John Abberger, oboe (Toronto Bach Festival Music Director, Principal Oboist of Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra)

Julia Wedman, violin  (Violinist with Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, I Furiosi, Eybler Quartet)

Felix Deak, violoncello

Christopher Bagan, harpsichord

All Bach Program:

  • Trio in F, movements 1 and 2
  • Bouree I and II from Suite No. 3
  • Sonata in e for oboe
  • Sonata in e for violin
  • Ricercar from the Musical Offering
  • Allemande and Courante from French Suite No. 5
  • Trio in F, movements 3 and 4

Generations of musicians across the centuries have marvelled at the ability of Bach’s musical expression to transcend the genres and settings for which it was originally written. Bach himself frequently repurposed his compositions, transcribing instrumental concertos for the keyboard, adapting choral compositions to a new text, and even transforming vocal music into instrumental music. Many of the works performed in this short program were originally written for different instruments. In every case the musical content of Bach’s original conception shines through unmistakably, and is, at the same time, heard in a different way, much the way a great painting can suddenly seem fresh and new when viewed from a different perspective.