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Wed, Mar 18, 20205:00 pm
Doors open
The Isabel Human Rights Arts Festival


MARCH 18 2020 / 5:00PM-7:00PM / ISABEL LOBBY

Holly Rose Lorenzon, dance instructor, award-winning

street dance artist, and Queen’s student

Selina Chiarelli, storyteller, musician, and director

Firebirds in Motion collaborates with Queen’s students to

tackle the expansive theme of equity. Add your voice to

the collective creation of the Isabel Human Rights Arts

Festival. Through movement and sound, come and

participate in a collaboration between Queen’s students

and local arts initiatives as they take over the Isabel’s

breathtaking public space for an exploration on equity.

How do you view equity? Where does this shared space

take you? How would equity look if we took it out of

the realm of discussion and into the intuitive arts of

movement and sound?


The female-forward music initiative, The Firebird

Sessions collaborates with local dance collective,

Kingston Freestyle Dance, to bring you this unique

opportunity. The installation seeks to embody social

action through performance art. This is a chance to

listen and watch, experience, and ultimately become

the change we seek.

Queen's and The Isabel promotes a scent free environment. Thank you!