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Thu, Dec 1, 20227:30 pm
Doors open
Front doors: 6:30pm, House doors: 7:00pm
Jennifer Velva Bernstein Performance Hall
DAN School of Drama and Music

Queen’s Medium Ensembles Concert

Queen's Clarinets Ensemble's mission is to push the limits of a traditional clarinet choir performance practice by entering multidisciplinary projects. The Queen’s Clarinets, directed by Kornel Wolak, have had past projects include collaborative work with DAN School drama students on adding shadow puppetry (puppet design and curating stories) to the ensemble, featuring our woodwind faulty members as soloists or venturing to the realm of film music. 'New Creations for Clarinet Choir Project' includes elements of stage movement as well as interactions with the audience. This highly innovative project is made up of two creations commissioned from Josh Hurst and Freddy Baker, who have been our composers-in-residence this term. Tyranny Defeated by Josh Hurst is an experimental piece/performance which depicts one side (the Bb clarinets) and their struggle with their tyrannical and controlling leaders (the contra and the basses). The piece/performance will demonstrate how these tyrannical leaders are able to completely control their ‘subjects’ (the Bb clarinets), before depicting a fight back from the ‘subjects’ in question. Can they defeat their tyrannical leaders…? Uninvited guests by Freddy Baker finds Bilbo alone in his Hobbit-hole on a lonely night, when to his surprise a knock comes on his door. Dwarves have arrived, and continue to arrive until a rowdy gathering has amassed, whipping into a frenzied dance. Bilbo, unable to contain his shock at the dance he is witnessing, faints and begins to dream of far off lands and dangerous adversaries, who drive him round and round his dreamscape until he awakes, newly inspired with dreams of adventure. The Queen’s Clarinets performed Shadows & Winds, a 2021 collaborative project with drama students that included live story telling using shadow puppetry:

Queen's Percussion Ensemble performs the classic music for percussion and works by contemporary composers of the day. The ensemble was formed in the mid seventies by past percussion instructor, James Petercscak and is currently directed by Greg Runions. In the past, the group has been featured at several Percussive Arts Society events. Over the years the ensemble has provided an enriching environment for many young percussionists to develop an awareness of the rich history and diversity of the percussion ensemble repertoire. The ensemble will perform three varied works for percussion ensemble. Tom Gauger's work for 5 percussionists, Gainsborough, will feature 2 mallet players with the accompaniment of 3 traditional percussion instruments, timpani, snare drum and bass drum/cymbals. Composed in 1974, he work has slowly been established as a standard in the percussion ensemble repertoire. Our upcoming performance of Gainsborough will feature Emma Patterson, Joey Cantarutti, Shaundra Beulow, Ben Reed and Angus Carter, and will be conducted by Sean Donaldson. Anthony Korff's Blue Rhythm Quintet, also created in the mid 70's, pays homage to his mentor Gene Krupa. While written in the modern percussion tradition, it features a driving, thick, percussive drum ensemble. Blue Rhythm Quintet will feature Jason Charbonneau-Fairhart, Elizabeth Fullerton, Ethan Fong, Hannah Singer, Noah Ullman, Elena Whittam and will be conducted by Greg Runions. Ivan Trevino's work for large percussion ensemble, Time is Relative, will feature the whole studio in a polyrhythmic composition for mallet percussion with electronic percussion support. Composed in 2019, the work explores the many possible rhythms found within a group of 12 notes. Time is relative will include percussionists Emma Patterson, Joey Cantarutti, Shaundra Beulow, Ben Reed, Angus Carter, Jason Charbonneau-Fairhart, Elizabeth Fullerton, Ethan Fong, Hannah Singer, Noah Ullman, Elena Whittam and Jack Blurton and will be conducted by Greg Runions.

Queen's Flute Choir is a friendly and inclusive ensemble for flutists of all abilities. We perform a wide variety of music for flutes including traditional repertoire, new music, and transcriptions regularly throughout the year. We have an exciting program for fall 2022 concert. We will be presenting works inspired by a pop tune, sea shanties, and ice cream flavors. We are also excited to highlight our trios and quartets within the flute choir.

The Queen's Cello Ensemble, directed by Wolf Tormann, allows Queen's cello students the opportunity to be section leaders to an ensemble that has in the past had participation of up to 24 cellists of all ages from the Kingston Community. The repertoire choices range from arrangements of baroque, classical and romantic music to film, pop and rock music.