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Number 1 Most Popular Contemporary Play in China

Thu, Mar 14, 20198:00 pm
Fri, Mar 15, 20198:00 pm
Sat, Mar 16, 20192:00 pm
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Sun, Mar 17, 20192:00 pm
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Rhinoceros in Love

Queen's Yu Theatre Society is the very first Chinese modern and contemporary theatre club at Queen's University. Rhinoceros in Love will be their very first play that is in Mandarin with English surtitles. Their goal for this play is to bridge the language barrier between English and Mandarin.

Please come and support the play, and get a taste of Chinese culture!

Visit their Facebook page for more information :

Rhinoceros in Love is a Chinese play by Liao Yimei.

This play has been performed more than 3000 times and produced all over the world.

Rhinoceros in Love is a play about a rhinoceros keeper who falls in love with his beautiful neighbour. The play will include many unique and different aspects of theatre and will have live music as well. Come and watch this epic love triangle unfold!

Producer: Nicholas Fangzheng Wang

Production Manager: Sophia Xia Director: Nicholas Fangzheng Wang

Stage Manager: Cassie Wan

Music Director: Alice Wang

Technical Director: Sophia Xia

Translator: Jessica Lou


Keyboard: Alice Wang

Drum: Jiabao Li

Violin: Wenchen Sun, Cherish Fan

Guitar: Qingchuan Yang


Malu: Key Hu

Mingming: Nina Wang

Toothbrush: Billy Guo

Daxian: Liz Song

Heizi: Yuxing Bao (Bob)

Honghong: Marna Jiang

Lily: Melody Dai

Professor: Natasha Zhang

Host: Grace Xu