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Featuring Kyoko Ogoda and Selina Chiarelli

Sat, Feb 8, 202011:00 am
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Children's Series
  • Kyoko Ogoda, Selina Chiarelli

Selkies to She-Wolves: Storytelling Without Borders

Selina Chiarelli, a local storyteller and singer, takes you on an adventure of discovery, tapping into the intercultural collection of stories she’s amassed to bring you something new from something very old indeed. Kyoko Ogoda, a classically trained Marimba player and Taiko Drum leader, joins Selina on her journey through the world of storytelling. Blending voice and rhythm, story and song, and using traditional storytelling as the foundation for their performance. The duo engages young audiences with timeless tales of bravery and strength. Their timeless work introduces audiences to different ways to see the world and expand their horizons through the ancient art of storytelling.

SHOW: 45 minutes with audience participation
Recommended for ages 6-12

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