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the Glass Ceiling and Other Stories Film Festival

Sun, Jun 26, 20222:00 pm
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Tied in a Knot: Narratives from bride Seeking Regions of India (2013) Director Reena Kukreja


The Glass Ceiling and Other Stories Film Festival

At home or in the workplace, the path towards gender equality has been a constant struggle globally. The Glass Ceiling and Other Stories film series depicts the many travails and tribulations that women have faced in society and the private sphere, institutionally and individually, at home and the wider world. The series expands the currency of the term “glass ceiling” beyond the sphere of work into other realms of life where women have been subjected to marginalization and subjugation. The quest for a sustainable future must begin with absolute equality and acceptance within humanity. The film series will feature lectures and introductions by some of the filmmakers and authors of the titles and end with a panel on media and gender equality.

Tied in a Knot: Narratives from Bride Seeking Regions of India (2013) Director: Reena Kukreja

Parts of North India are facing an acute shortage of brides! Years of girl dis-preference is forcing men to travel to far-off poorer regions of India to find wives. Who are these men seeking wives from elsewhere? Are the women trafficked for forced marriage or not? Why cannot these women get married locally? How are they treated by the families and the communities into which they are married? This film provides a unique look into the everyday harsh reality of such brides: the stigmatization, racism, rejection and abuse they face from conjugal families and communities and how they try to resist it. It bares the everyday suffering endured by lonely brides when they find themselves married into totally alien cultures and environments (from IMDB).