Eve Egoyan

Virtuosi Soloist Series
Visual Art
Jennifer Velva Bernstein Performance Hall
The Isabel
Eve Egoyan

Piano NEXT: works for acoustic and augmented piano

Eve Egoyan’s new works for augmented and acoustic piano delve into the space between what a piano can do and what Eve has always wished it could do. At their core is the live acoustic sound of the piano, but through the delicate intervention of technology, Eve tests (and teases) the edges of that sound, pushing it beyond the familiar, through the impossible, and into the extraordinary.

“Études for Augmented Piano (film) takes viewers inside Eve Egoyan’s world as she creates a new composition for augmented piano. Snapshot-like moments, journal entries, and visual explorations playfully reveal the secrets of how the elusive sounds in her compositions are produced. Combined with fragments from an enigmatic solo performance, the film affirms the necessity of the listener and the audience to the artist’s creative process, even when physical isolation prevails.” - Su Rynard

Following the film, Eve performs her compositions for acoustic and augmented piano:
A Doubling
Still Life with Flowers
Ghosts beneath my Fingertips (for Viva)
Liquid Twilight

Photo of Eve Egoyan by David Rokeby.