The Festival of Live Digital Art - FOLDA - presents HORIZON 360º by SESQUI

FOLDA Festival of Live Digital Art

*Update: *Update: HORIZON 360º by SESQUI is no longer being shown on Fri, the 14th and is now only on the Sat, June 15th.

 We apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you. 


HORIZON 360º is SESQUI’s marquee hemispherical film. The 20-minute film is a soaring visual symphony that places viewers in the centre of the action during an inspiring showcase of Canadian creative expression that unfolds from coast to coast to coast. HORIZON 360º is viewed within a film dome and takes its audience on a revealing expedition from the highest peaks to the deepest seas, and through all ten provinces and three territories. Drawing upon artistic inspiration from across our country’s rich cultural mosaic, the film features traditional and contemporary creative works set in the unforgettable urban and natural landscapes of our diverse nation.

 HORIZON 360º is FREE with registration required. 

Audiences are welcome to select a ‘JOINT TICKET’ when reserving tickets for additional entry into the installation of LUCY AI on the day of their performance.